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Motorhome Rental Details


We are closed Sundays and Holidays

All motorhome rentals are 7 day minimum bookings



A non- refundable $500 deposit is required to reserve your Motorhome
A security deposit of $2000 is required on the same day as departure.
Preparation Fee: $75
Service Fee: $98.00
Tanks Dumped: - $35 (Refunded if you dump)


Water hose, sewer hose, toilet chemicals, 2 rolls of toilet paper, rubber gloves, spare fuses, initial propane fill, garbage can, broom, dust pan, dish soap, all purpose cleaner and sponge.



Gear Package: $150.00 - Includes: Set of pots, Kettle, Toaster, Coffee maker, Cutting board, Strainer, Garbage can, dishes and cutlery for 4 individuals depending size of trailer, 2 serving platters, 2 large serving bowls, 1 mixing bowl, 2 tea towels & 2 dish clothes, Oven mitt, Wine opener, Bottle & can opener, Potato peeler, Tongs, flippers, straining spoon, Whisk, Salad serving fork and spoon, Measuring cup, Cheese grader, knives, Dish Soap, Plastic Table Cloth, Broom/Dustpan, Garbage can, 2 rolls toilet paper, Holding tank chemicals, 2 Chairs and an Entry Mat.

Pet Fee: $100

Bedding Package: $75.00/per person - Includes sleeping bag, pillow, bath towel, hand towel and face cloth

Pre-Paid Km Plans:

100 kms: $50

500 kms: $195

1000 km: $380

Additional kms over plan purchase $0.38/km


Additional Driver: $5 / night

Windshield Protection: $5 / night – One windshield per trip or upto 3 stone chips

Early Pickup: $250 per booking motorized - $150 travel trailers– Early pickup allows you to pick up your RV between 10:00 am and noon instead of the usual 1:00-4:00 pm

Late Return Drop Off: $250 per booking motorized - $150 travel trailers – Late Drop off allows you to drop off your RV by 3:00 pm instead of the usual 8:00-10:00 am.

Drop Off Valet: $110 - Drop Off Valet included exterior cleaning, interior cleaning, last dishes, last empty holding tanks, garbage disposal & recycling

Fuel – Please return fuel tanks filled or we can fill them for $3 / litre

Northern Surcharge - $625 per booking – Required if your travelling north. Please see Terms and Conditions for specifics.



You are required to purchase a APV281L Rental Vehicle Policy from ICBC or rental coverage may be included with your Roadstar Package. Confirmation of coverage is required prior to rental. Minimum coverage required: Collision and Comprehension - Maximum $500 Deductible, $2,000,000. Liability Coverage

Comox Valley RV maintains liability coverage on all its rental vehicles to a maximum of $2,000,000.00 for any bodily injury and property damage liability claims arising from the operation or use of its rental vehicles, provided all safety instructions as recommended by Comox Valley RV Ltd have been followed. Premiums for this Basic public liability coverage are included in all rental rates, which also include premiums for collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. In the event of loss or damage to vehicle while on rental, whether or not due to the fault of the rental customer, the customer’s responsibility for direct and accidental loss or damage is limited to a maximum of $10,000 per occurrence. 


Full refund within 48 hours of booking.

The initial deposit plus tax is non-refundable after the 48 hour grace period. $500 for motorhomes.

Final payment is due 30 days prior to date of pick up. No refunds 30 days prior to pick up.



Client/Driver Requirements

Additional drivers must sign the rental agreement.
Authorized drivers must be at least 25 years of age with a valid driver’s license and
identification, and be listed on the rental agreement. There is no maximum age limit.
The international driving permit (IDP) is a special license which allows motorists to drive internationally, when accompanied by a valid driver’s licence from their country. Comox Valley RV does require an IDP.

A major credit card (no ATM/debit cards or prepaid credit cards) with available credit is required for the Security Deposit and all charges paid at the counter.
The credit card must be issued to the signer or co-signer of the contract.



A security deposit is required at the time of departure. An amount equal to $2,000 or the value of the deductible whichever is greater. The amount is to be pre-authorized on a major credit card. The security deposit capture is automatically released upon completion of the return contract provided that the rental vehicle is returned clean inside, undamaged and on time. In cases where the CDR Agreement is not purchased, Comox Valley RV reserves the right to block the full amount of the deductible ($2000) on the customer’s credit card.

The rental payment in full is required 30 days prior to the date of pick up


Right to refuse service
Comox Valley RV reserves the right to refuse service.

The number of passengers may not exceed the number of seatbelts while the vehicle is in motion.

No refunds are given for self-transfer.

No transfers are provided for same day flight arrivals.

Motorhome Takeover and Return Policies

Afternoon Pick up time:
Vehicles may be collected at our rental locations from Monday to Saturday * between 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm - Unless other arrangements have been made with our agent.

Day of departure:
No refund if client picks up later than the booked day of departure.

Morning Return time:
Monday to Saturday, between 9:00 and 12:00 noon,
inspection ready. Rental extensions (late returns) must have prior approval from Comox Valley RV rentals. Late returns are not allowed without Comox Valley RV’s permission. If the vehicle is returned late without Comox Valley RV’s permission, overtime hours are charged up to a maximum of 4 times the daily retail rate. (Unless other arrangements have been made with our agent)

Early returns - No refunds given for rentals returned prior to the arranged drop off date.

Monday - Saturday 9:00AM -5PM

Comox Valley RV offers free transfers from Comox International Airport YQQ and hotels in the vicinity. Note: No transfers provided after 1:00 p.m.
Customers must contact the rental location to arrange a shuttle transfer in advance (ideally 1 to 2 days prior to departure). Seating is limited and will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Please call to schedule a pick up.

Comox Valley RV offices are closed on Sundays and all Statutory Holidays

Customer Orientation

Clients will receive a full orientation of their motorhome, including client’s maintenance and use responsibility. Orientation consists of the general concepts of motorhome use and safety tips, as well as a personal walk-around of motorhome with the client by a qualified instructor. Operator manuals are provided for clients to take with them.


Cleaning of Vehicles

All vehicles must be clean inside when returned. This includes kitchen, bathroom and living areas. A charge of $50 per hour for cleaning will be applied for those vehicles returned in an unsatisfactory state. Vehicle holding tanks requiring dumping by Comox Valley RV staff will result in a $35 service charge.
Outside washing is not required, unless the check-in procedure cannot be performed due to dirt on the
vehicle. We recommend that “Northern Travellers” wash the vehicle prior to returning it to the rental station to avoid potential delays upon check-in.

Fuel (Motorised Only)
The vehicles are provided to the renter with a full tank of gasoline (or diesel). The vehicle has to be returned with a full tank of fuel. If the renter does not refuel, the renter agrees to pay for having the vehicle refueled at a rate of $3.00 per litre. Fuel costs are client’s responsibility. No claims are accepted as to fuel consumption. No claims are accepted as to fuel consumption if client is upgraded to a larger unit. Fuel consumption will vary according to where and how a vehicle is driven.

Large Events
The use of rental units for any large outdoor event may be subject to an additional deposit or surcharge or restricted. Vehicles for festivals and events must be explicitly requested at time of reservation. Restrictions: The Burning Man Festival and Sunfest are restricted events. Failing to request at time of booking and travel without permission will result in a penalty of double the surcharge, void of all insurance coverage and responsibility for all costs involved (including, but not limited to, damage and cleaning).

Lost Items
Comox Valley RV is not responsible for items left in the motorhome after client’s return and reserves the right to donate or dispose of them as it sees fit. Left items cannot be mailed to client.

Maintenance and Use Responsibility
Client is responsible for routine maintenance while traveling (coolant, oil, tire pressure), as well as immediately reporting mechanical failures. Clients may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in operation and /or in performing normal maintenance. Tools for vehicle repair are not provided since clients are not authorized to make repairs.

Pick Up
Vehicles can be collected at our rental stations from Monday to Saturday between 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm local time. Transfers are available until 1:00 PM.
Please note that we do not allow pick-ups on the same day of arrival on an overseas flight. It is required that the clients stay at a hotel for the first night.

Pets (Dogs only)
On request only. A charge of $100.00 per animal will apply. Any damage caused by pets will be charged to the renter.

If the renter returns the vehicle to any location other than the location indicated on the rental contract, the renter agrees to pay regular rates plus applicable redistribution charge or towing charge.

Refunds / Repairs
All replacement parts or repairs in excess of CA$50 require prior authorization from Comox Valley RV.
Please note that refunds can only be made upon presentation of a proper receipt. Malfunctions of the air-conditioning systems, microwave ovens, radios and cruise controls are not considered breakdowns and no compensation for inconvenience will be given however if repairs on such appliances are done on the road by a customer, the repair cost will be refunded.

Smoking is not allowed in any of our vehicles. Comox Valley RV reserves the right to charge an additional cleaning fee of $250.00 if a vehicle returns smelling of smoke.

We make every effort to ensure that the vehicle reserved will be available. However, if due to unavoidable circumstances the reserved vehicle is not available, Comox Valley RV reserves the right to substitute that vehicle with a vehicle of equal or greater value. Subsequent expenses (additional, ferry costs, gasoline, etc) are the sole responsibility of the renter.
NOTE: In the event that the customer decides that the reserved vehicle model is too large, Comox Valley RV may offer a smaller vehicle if available. Comox Valley RV will not charge for the vehicle exchange however no refunds will be given for the price difference between the two categories.

Traffic Violations, Parking Fines and Toll Charges
The renter of the vehicle is fully responsible for all toll charges and any fines or other consequences resulting from violation of traffic regulations, parking orders or prohibitions, or any other laws or regulations, during the rental. As a courtesy, Comox Valley RV will ensure that tickets and fines are paid in timely fashion if the renter provides the ticket and payment. For any tickets, fines or tolls that are processed after completion of the rental agreement, Comox Valley RV reserves the right to charge an administration fee of up to $35.00 in addition to the amount of the charges and/or fine and associated costs. All fees will be charged to the renter’s credit card and the renter will be notified by e-mail or mail. Customers are encouraged to inform Comox Valley RV of any potential toll charges or fines upon drop off to avoid the administration fee.

Emergency Contact
Before calling Roadside Assistance or Comox Valley RV, please have the Comox Valley RV contract and odometer reading at hand.

Roadside Assistance (Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet) – For everything related to engine problems, towing, vehicle recovery, flat tires and lockout service.

Comox Valley RV Breakdown Assistance – For all vehicle related emergencies which require immediate assistance (see hours below).

KalTire 24-hour Emergency Road Service – For Tire related problems after business hours (only if roadside assistance declines service).

Police / Ambulance 911

Ford Roadside Assistance Canada: 1-800-665-2006

Dodge Roadside Assistance Canada: 1-800-521-2779

Chevrolet / GMC Roadside Assistance Canada: 1-800-268-6800

Kal Tire 24-hour Assistance Canada:1-888-525-8473

Please note these phone numbers are toll-free from a Canadian land line. Calls from a non-Canadian mobile phone may be charged a fee by the provider.

When calling Roadside Assistance:

You will first be asked to provide the vehicle’s VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number). The VIN number can be found either on your contract, on the vehicle registration papers or on the dashboard of your vehicle close to the windshield (driver side).
You will be asked to provide the odometer reading of your vehicle
You will be asked to provide the exact location of your vehicle, street name, crossroad; provide as many details as possible.
It will be important that you mention to them that you are driving a motorhome. If you are renting a truck-camper, make sure you mention that there is a camper loaded onto the truck. The approximate length of the vehicle may also be important.
You will be asked to leave a contact number. If you have no access to a public phone and no cell phone reception, it is especially important that you describe as clearly as possible where the vehicle is located.
Roadside Assistance will then send a tow truck to your location as soon as possible. In remote locations this may take up to a few hours, however Roadside Assistance will usually provide you with an Estimated Time of Arrival.
Notify Comox Valley RV; depending on the nature of the problem it will be decided whether a replacement vehicle will be dispatched or not.
Winter Rentals

The following information is provided to all renters who are travelling during a time of the year where freezing temperatures are a risk. We kindly ask you to read these directions carefully and sign the document in acceptance.

Vehicles that are winterized: Please note that all vehicles departing between October 01 – April 30 may be subject to winterization. The decision will be based on the temperatures and the overall weather conditions. Please note that all our vehicles are winterized as long as the temperatures are constantly below freezing. Therefore the vehicle will have NO water on board. You will have to supply external water jugs and the shower will not be usable. If you wish to use the toilet you will need to carry RV anti-freeze with you to ensure the liquids will not freeze in the tank. The same goes for the sinks (grey water). If you are planning on draining any liquids down the grey water tank please note: a cup of antifreeze will be required after each use to ensure no water is freezing in the p-trap and the tanks cannot be more than 50% full (leaving enough air for expansion in the event the contents freeze after all). As all public dump stations will be closed, a dumping fee of $35 will be levied upon return if the grey- or black water tank have been used.

Batteries: Please be aware that batteries drain much faster in cold weather. The camper batteries are connected to several appliances and electrical systems in your camper and therefore have to be kept charged up at all times. In order to keep your batteries at a working level the vehicle needs to be plugged in to an electrical power outlet each night. Therefore please plan your trip accordingly and ensure that 110V plug-ins are available at your destination for the night.

Furnace: One of the most important features in your camper during the winter months is your furnace. Your furnace is running on propane but the automatically connected ventilator for distributing the heat inside the camper is drawing its power from your batteries (a night without being plugged in while your furnace is running might drain your batteries enough to prevent them from functioning properly. Once batteries are depleted they will no longer accept charges and need to be connected to a special external charger for 5-6 days before they are able to hold any charge).

Propane: Several appliances are running off your propane supply: Stove top, oven (if applicable), refrigerator and as mentioned above – the furnace. Supplied propane on board varies from 32l – 87l depending on the vehicle type and will likely not last for your entire trip (especially because the furnace will be drawing a lot of propane). Therefore another important point to implement into your planning stage for winter camping is possible locations to refill your propane supply along your planned route. IMPORTANT: Propane transforms to a liquid state at approximately -42°C (-44°F), which will render all propane-operated appliances inoperative. It is important to note that while driving, the wind chill may cause propane to cool down further below the actual outside temperature and may therefore liquify faster than expected.

Engine Block Heater: Once temperatures drop below -20°C, starting the engine may become more difficult. As these winter temperatures are common in several regions of Canada, all our vehicles are equipped with an engine block heater. A block heater warms the engine to increase the chances for the engine to start as well as warm up your vehicle faster than it normally would in extremely cold weather. We will supply you with an extension cord at time of pick up to plug in your engine block heater whenever temperatures are falling below -20°C, particularly when parked for a longer time period (i.e. overnight).

Your block heater is connected to a power cord routed through the vehicle's grill and needs four hours to warm up the engine before it is started.

Generator: If your vehicle is equipped with a built-in generator, please bear in mind that generators may not start in cold temperatures and are therefore not a safe back up to rely on for producing 110V and recharging your camper batteries.

Attention: If forecasted temperatures are below -35°C we keep the right to cancel the booking for safety reasons (with a full refund of your rental cost). Extreme temperatures may cause a lack of pressure in the propane tank and may prevent your furnace and other appliances from working properly. Customers will be asked to sign a form at the depot to acknowledge full responsibility for any damage
to the domestic water system that is caused by freezing to the rented vehicle.

Upon return of the vehicle, the domestic water system will be thoroughly tested for leaks. The water test cannot be performed if any part of the water system is frozen. In this case the Renter’s security deposit will be held until the water test can be performed and damages assessed. The Renter will be required to pay any such damage prior to receiving a refund of the security deposit.

This is an appendix to our Terms and Conditions and as such is part of the Rental Agreement. All of our other terms and conditions apply.

Customer Relations issues should be addressed where possible with the Comox Valley RV at the beginning or end of your stay.

All details subject to change without notice.